Time: 0900

Location: Puerto de Abrigo, Cozumel, Mexico

Objective: Search and Watch Eagle Rays Squads

Vessel: Oceano 4

Team members: The Atlanta Pack code name: Pooldoctor

Nancy and Craig, aka: Alburquerque’s left turn

Native local contact: Alex…aka: Alex

As Alex is getting the team together to give them a briefing, Monty ask “why there is a need for a briefing for this dive?”

Well…Alex say, it turns out that we are going to dive the North side…and must likely we are going to be alone there..no other boats to help a diver that was fooling around and lost his/her group down there. Currents at the North side can and must of the times are wild plus this is sort of a deep dive,  if its true that there is not a real need to pass 90ft on the dive, also is true that the shallower depth to be found for a while will be 60 or 50 ft.

For sure, Eagle Ray wall , aka Cantarel wall…is no place to make mistakes.

The briefing was intense but totally worth it, the group of 8 and Alex were in perfect synch and prety much all ran as they planned.

They jumped together leaving the boat clear of divers in less that 1 minute, descent without major problems to the meeting depth of 40 ft and from there they went to the wall….ok…sorry… I have to make a corection here : the current flush them down to the wall at about 100 ft!!

It was one of those currents that push divers down and away the walls….Alex knows about those currents, he had his share of extreme experience with those and didnt want to deal with that today!! so….emulating the Notre Dame Humpback, he beging to bang on his tank like a maniac asking the divers to swim back and up the wall!!!  no nonsense here…he knows that Capitan Jose and Martin are keeping and eye on their bubbles but he certanly doenst want to drink his next Mojito at Habana.

Divers did a great job and made it back to the wall…and as Alex told them  during the  briefing: they beging to open their eyes and search for eagle rays. He was clear about it when with a deep knowledge of the rays nature and behavor and showing  his extremes capabilities of inductive stadistic and mathematics apply to underwater enviroments he said:

“we have a 50/50 chances to encounter rays”… it cant be a more absolute true beyond those words…any way…..

So… soon after they reached the wall back….Alex spoted 3 Eagle rays, far on the distance and unfortunatly he was sure that nobody else was able to see them…besides Karen that by now had become his dive buddie. Alex was afraid that the 3 rays will be all…and the scarry idea of an eventfull dive came to his brain…not a nice picture. However…the team’s destiny was diferent, and after 10 minutes into the dive , they reached an area where the current slowed down to a point that wasnt so hard to stop if they wanted to do so….and …right there….in from to their eyes….a squad of 5 eagle rays showed up!!! awesome!!

…. but that wasnt all, another group of 4 came from the rigth side and far and behind them Alex could see at the very less 5 more going up and donw searching for some snacks at the  sandy bottom.

At his call, the team stop and just enjoy of 4 minutes of an Spoted Eagle Rays ballet, they were all over!!!

But…all good things come to an end and the current  took care of  pushing the team away from the rays…they end up in a sand and seaweed area that had no to much to offert….the current was  coming across from the wall towards land and it was imposible for them to swim back to the reef area.

40 min later the mission was over, the objetive reached and the whole team had a big smile on their faces…plus, the satisfaction to stick to the plan and defeat the Eagle Ray Wall.

Second Targed: The C-53

And at the end of the day, Alex feels happy to lead another team downthere…and while he is resting at home and recap the day….he wonder:


Until the next mission…. Alex out.


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