Born and raised in Mexico City I grow up surrounded by concrete, asphalt and not that much water, the idea to SCUBA dive was as foreigner to my brain as time traveling ! But while attending to college trying to become a Biologist I had the opportunity to discover the Underwater World and the wide range of possible adventures waiting for me… that was back on the 80’s and since then I had not stop diving.

Currently I am a Master SCUBA Dive Trainer with over 10,100 logged dives and more than 1600 certified students on all different levels.

I enjoy leading dives for certified divers but find special satisfaction on teaching people how to dive,  my students seems to appreciate the tempo and style of my teaching and the fact that I can be extremely patience. Helping certified divers to polish their diving skills and introducing them to new techniques is always a lot of fun as well.

I believe that we take people not for a tour but into an adventure and life experience, every dive is different, every dive comes with the possibility to get amaze for a sight or finding… to come back to the surface and realize that you will be talking about this dive for long, long time… and those are the moments I like to share with my divers.

I believe that the Ocean belongs to all of us and it’s our duty to preserve and respect it, teach the new generations to love it and hopefully, do a better job than us saving it.

Besides diving I enjoy traveling, dance, challenge my mind, meet different people and whenever possible expand my understanding of human nature. My mother language is Spanish but I handle myself well in English and a bit of Portuguese.