Born near to Bordeaux, in the South West of France, I originally worked as a communication officer. During university, I had the opportunity to study in Colombia and travel in Central and South America.

After my studies I continued to travel and during one of my trips something changed my life: I started diving and I fell in love with Cozumel. I swapped out my desk and computer for fins and a regulator.

After one year traveling through Central America, I decided to come back to Cozumel to work as a Dive Master. In December 2018, I became a dive instructor. I really enjoy leading certified divers but I look forward to certifying people and transmitting my passion for diving to them.
For me, each dive is different and I love to look for animals – the smaller and harder to find, the more fun it is! This makes Cozumel reefs one of the best playgrounds!
I have made it one of my priorities to dive in a respectful way and I invite each diver to enjoy the reef without touching anything or disturbing the sea life: “Leave only bubbles”.
My mother tongue is French but I handle myself well in Spanish and English.”