Scuba Diving is for me more a passion than a job. You know how when you are a kid you want to be a fireman, a pilot, an astronaut… Well I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau, to live in that silent world I was so much attracted to. Growing up my interests migrated from Oceanography to Marine Biology and I finally ended up studying Biochemistry. However a twist of fate in 1998 made me decide to leave my career to dedicate myself full time to my passion: Scuba Diving. That’s how I can say with all certainty that I do this because of my own decision and conviction. Since then I have been a full time scuba instructor mainly in the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Mexico. During that time I have acquired an extensive experience as a Divemaster, Instructor, cave and technical Diver. I have to date more than 7000 dives. I have lived in Cozumel Island for the past 16 years during which I had the opportunity to dive all around the island and in all known cenotes. I have also worked in Asia; in live aboard boats in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

My current interest is teaching Scuba. An activity for which my friends say I have a knack for and a lot of patience. I want to share the silent world with everybody! I want everybody to know how important the Ocean is for all living things. I want to put a big smile in my students faces while they learn to scuba dive and at the same time they discover a water world that seems so alien but from which we all come from. I can take a whole family into their firsts immersions or do something more extreme with those who have the experience, what is important to me is that everybody learns and enjoys it. At this stage in life I am more concern with quality than quantity. Thats why I have recently dedicated myself to fine tune the way I teach, I do’nt like to just follow recepies but to adapt to my students particular needs to give an unforgettable experience at the recreational or technical level.