I was born in Mexico City but grew up on Monterrey, the must industrial city of the country, hot and dry, however I spent many summer vacations in  Cozumel Island and I was always captivated by the ocean and the warm nature of the people that live here.

Eventually I had the opportunity to get certified as a SCUBA diver and very soon I found myself working as an Underwater Photographer and Videographer, which gave me the opportunity to see the reefs and aquatic life from a different perspective that must divers have.

Currently I am working as a Divemaster and also as a Folkloric dancer…and I love it.

It is great to share my passion with the divers, find small creatures and point to all those fishes we have in our reefs.

I am also very interested on traveling and enjoy listening the travel adventures of other people.

I hope we can spend some dives together and let you show you the beauty of our reefs.