Devil’s Throat…

Every  dive destination has one of those challenging/scary/deep dive sites, and of course their names are always something like: ” The wall of the death man”, “The Blue Hole”. “No End Wall”; etc, etc, etc…and of course here we have: La Garganta del Diablo!!!

True, it’s a dive that demand some level of experience and well handle diving skills such as: good air consumption, good buoyancy control, good equalization skills, capability of dealing with currents and so on. Besides that, you want to dive Devil’s Throat when the water and weather conditions are good…and yesterday the conditions were excellent!

We took 4 divers with us, making a total of 6 with Julian and myself. That makes a good size group with the advantage of having 2 instructors in the water, this is not a standard procedure, the reason was that Day and Terry were about to complete their Advanced Open Water course, couple of years ago they got their Open Water Course with me and also 2 Adventure Dives, leaving only 3 more to go in order to complete the Advanced Course, so, the plan for yesterday was:

A Multilevel Dive with a maximum depth of 130 ft follow for a shallow dive to do the Underwater Navigation Dive.

By the time we got all the way to the South end of the island ( Punta Sur ) we had everybody on the same page on the details and dive plan for this dive and once Oceano 4 was on position we all jumped at the same time into the ocean, no air on the bcd…straight descent to 70 to 80 ft!!  no time to wait for nobody since the current could easily take us away from the dive spot!!!  here we goooooooooo!!!  ….

…well, that was the plan.

What happened in real life was a little bit diferent…one of our divers had a little trouble equalizing and the other 3 didn’t  sank as quick as we were expecting…and..of course…the current begun to take us away, but, we were lucky since the current was not as strong as usual and even that we didn’t drop like rocks to the bottom, eventually we made it.

Visibility was awesome and nobody around, the group split in 2 subgroups…Julian with 3 divers and myself with another one, Day and I had to do some serious swimming against the current to finally reach the pinnacle of coral that we call Devil’s Throat, once we made it there, the rest was a walk in the park. That’s nice about this dive, once you are inside the maze of tunnels and chambers of Devil’s Throat, you can enjoy the site and take a tour in several different ways; either going in at the shallow part of 80 ft and come out at 130, 120 ft or the other way around!

Since Day was doing his Multilevel dive we suppose to stick to a plan, well…we always suppose to stick to the diving plan…right?, 130 ft for 10 min, 80 ft for 10 min, 60 ft for 5 and from there to 40 ft until we ran low on air.

We complete the first half of the plan, air went down quick on the swim into the current at the  beginning of the dive, but we have plenty of time to check out  3 or 4 tunnels, encounter a turtle taking a nap at the reef and still catch the view of an Eagle Ray during the safety stop.

When divers ask me if Devil’s Throat is worth the trouble of setting up a dive there… I tell them that it could be an awesome dive or a sort of plain and simple dive. Yesterday we got the bright side of the moon… it was a beautiful dive and now Day and Terry have the perfect excuse to light up a Habano to celebrate…

…we are going out for dinner together tonight…and considering that they have never smoke a cigarette before, leave alone a Habano, I’m facing the possibility to find out that they got sick and don’t feel like dinner at all tonight!!!

Good news: they are now Advanced Open Water Divers!!! woot wootttttt!!

Later…  Alex

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