O.k….  the end of another week in cozumel had come… some of you guys are back in real life, some other are in your way down here. For those that had the good luck to dive the ship wreck the last month i have news to share with you: There is a FAT grouper there… actually more that one, its like a pack of 6 that are just getting bigger and bigger.. unfortunatly they are gaining that weight by eating up most of the little sardins ( or whatever juvenil stage of a fish they could possible be ) that were making this dive so freaking awesome!! . I have some great pics and a good video of that too… i will post a link where you can check it out..

So.. sorry for the incomers.. no that many sardines left in the c-53.. but..let me tell you a little secret.. near the ship… about 200 yards up north and towards the shore line.. its a huge amount of seastars!!  its very cool!! a little away from the ship ( specially if the current runs the other way..to north  instead of south ) but worth the 10 min extra swim to check it out and then explore the c-53.

Besides this … things are still great here.. my wetsuit its hanging on my storage room.. and im diving with my rashgard and my speedo.. thats it!!  water its so warm that even after 40 min underwater i dont feel cold at all.. visibility its good and the current very smoth…

I had some very cool divers last week… a family from texas…grandma..daugthers and  granddaugthers and grandsons… a pack of 7.. soo cool to watch 3 generations having a good time all together.. we did several shallow dives… make a video..and of course we perform the worl famous ” moon walk’ at the sandy bottom of  yucab!!!

Well.. now its time to go and do some stuff from  the “real life”… exciting things such as…grocery shoping… trim out some  areas in the  garden and so…. so… i let you go now  guys…

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