Want to explore Cozumel’s reefs but diving is not appealing to you? Are you looking for a more quiet, intimate interaction with the ocean? Or perhaps your group is made by divers and non-divers that still want to spend a fun day together on the boat?

We have a few options for you … there is no excuse for missing out a great day in the water!

Free diving, snorkeling, private and adventures trips are all possible with us.


snorkeling among divers

Join us in one of our SCUBA diving trips and snorkel on top of the divers at some of the most famous and beautiful reefs in Cozumel’s Marine National Park.

We will visit 2 reefs where you can snorkel for about 50 minutes on each one of them.

The average deep of these sites is about 30 ft., some are as 20 ft. shallow while other are 40 ft. deep.

Price per person: 40 USD plus the Marine National Park fee (approx. 2 USD)

TIPS are not included.

Length of the trip: depending on how far south we travel into the Marine National Park


private snorkel trip

This trip will take you to Paradise reef, where you can explore both sections: the super shallow 10 to 25 ft. deep area, well known for schools or Sargent Majors, Blue Tang and gorgeous sea fans, then move to the 34 to 40 ft. reef to admire a linear hard coral formation with much different kind of fish.

Your second stop will be the shallows of Villa Blanca wall, a near to shore line of coral heads, a favorite spot for many instructors and dive shops to take non-certified divers on their first dives.

Finally, we will take you to the north side of town and let you explore 2 ship wrecks laying at no more than 35 ft. of deep, here you will also see big pieces of coral that were relocated from their original place near or at Paradise reef as an effort to preserve them after the cruise ship terminal construction took their spot.

About 100 yards from the ship wrecks we will show you how Mother Nature has took over human kind creations:  you will entering Atlantis… a fairly new artificial reef covering huge concrete and steel blocks,  this maze of blocks will make you feel like you are exploring the ruins of… yes ! Atlantis!!! Small rays, puffer fishes, lobsters and all sort of colorful fishes had claim this place as their home.  Maximum depth here is barely 20 ft.…. so shallow you can almost touch the bottom.

This is a Snorkeling Only trip.

Price is 280 USD from 1 to 4 people; a 5th person is welcome for an extra 20 USD fee.

TIPS are not included.

Length of the trip: up to the guest… most of the times people is very happy with 30 to 50 minutes per stop.

High flexibility in departure times.


scuba diving paddle

A different way to spend your day in Cozumel… and get some exercise at the same time.

One Shallow dive at Paradise Reef or Villa Blanca wall.

Snorkel at Paradise Reef, Villa Blanca shallows, ship wrecks and Atlantis.

Paddle board along the north shore of town.

Perfect trip for a couple, family or group of friends where some dive but others don’t.

We need 2 participants as minimum and 4 as maximum, all gear included.


Price is $110 USD per person, Divers.

$60 USD for people Snorkeling but not diving


SCUBA rental gear and TIPS are not included.

Length of the trip:

about 60 minutes for the dive, 30 to 40 minutes per snorkel site, 60 to 90 minutes paddle boarding… again, the total length of the trip is up to you, we can do it as quick or as slow pace as you want.

High flexibility for departure times.


dive snorkel paddle extreme

Take the DIVE / SNORKEL / PADDLE BOARD ADVENTURE TRIP and add some action to it!

Try Fly Boarding with experienced instructors and get your dose of adrenaline! 30 minutes of pure fun and adventure.

You will be in, on and off the water on this trip.

Upgrade for each participant doing the Fly board: 70 USD (regular price for Fly boarding is 100 USD per person… a great value while coming with us)

Length of the trip: it’s hard to tell…since the duration of the trip will be highly affected by the Fly board activity.



This is a very special trip and requires that you have previous and proper training on free diving.

The tour takes place in front of downtown area, we begging with some warm up dives at the Ship Wrecks 30 ft. of deep and from there we can do some deeper dives.

Due the nature of Cozumel currents, it’s extremely hard at times to remain still on the same spot. We will be free diving as we also drift along with the current. Often we end up performing some dives in blue water.

It’s a special trip; we need at least 2 participants, maximum 4.

We don’t provide free diving gear (fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit is required)

Price per person is 90 USD

High flexibility for departure times.



We will provide all the gear you need.

A guide will be with you all the time.

We will provide fresh water and fruits, if you want soft drinks or a more elaborate food on board, we will be happy to provide it… depending on what do you want we will add an extra fee to your trip.

Our boats have bathroom on board, sundecks and shaded areas, easy access in an out of the water.