How we beging 2011.

Hola everybody!!

Of course I have to begin with a FELIZ AÑO NUEVO 2011  to all of you!!  I hope you had  a good 2010 and ready to make 2011 a better year for you life, because after all, its not what the year “will bring for us” but what we are willing to do with our lifes in the 2011.

During almost 19 years living here, I had have the oportunity to share many adventures underwater with divers from all over, divers with many and so diferent points of view, religion ideas, political opinions, skin color, shapes and sizes…but there is a common denominator for all of them….yes… you got it: all of them love to dive!!! and year after year I had being lucky to share that with them, also, and after all those years some of those divers and I have develope great frienships…and I feel so happy about it.

I wish all of you could be here today and star the 2011 with a great day of diving in Cozumel!

Not all the dive shops or dive operator work the first day of the year, and as a matter of fact, we were not planning on working either…but I got this e mail from Kira telling me that she was coming in a cruiship and wanted to go diving the very first day of the year…at the beginin I have the idea to say no….but after think about it twice I told my self: “Myself, dont you think that its an awesome way to star 2011?? diving…? who are you to say no to this great idea?? cut down a little the number of beers that you were planning on drinking the night of the 31th and take this girl and the boyfriend diving!!! “….so….I did!!  ( of course I indulged myself with a couple of extra hours sleep and we took off from El Cid at 11:00 am vs 9:00 am ).

Despite the fact that we couldnt make it all the way south, due some funky winds, we handle to go to Palancar Gardens…it was a good dive of course…even that the current was going south instead of north.

I have on my group the Atlanta pack: Greg, Naomi, my longtime friend and student Michael, Monty and Karen. Kira and Shawn were diving with Jaime. Water was a little chilly and caused that Greg dindt want to go in the second dive at Paso del Cedral…same path Naomi was planning to follow but I convinced her ( with the help of 2 wetsuits ) to come in the dive and I try hard to work the same magic on Greg but it didnt work…funny…right before we jumped in the water I told him : “last chance to come with us…this is the dive where we are going to see all the good stuff…” , I know!! I know!! of course I was bluffing!! how doI know what are we going to see any way???? but… at the end of the dive, where the current was sooooo smoth…just at the right speed to move effortless and enjoy and the water not as cold as in Palancar, the final count was:

In order of apeareance:

1 turtle

1 hugeeee eagle ray ( I got about 8 ft close to it !! )

3 long green eels

1 nurse shark

2 porkypine fish ( in a lovy lovy mode )

so…no bad!! and as we were getting back to the boat and Greg asked me how the dive was… all what I could say was: “hmm…no bad… ” 😉

See you here later this year!!!


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