Missing fingers:::

And its the end of the day!!

And thats a good thing, today was a little crazy, after having to cancel yesterdays dives due the NORTES and with no sign of better conditions for today, I have to say that it totally took me by surprise to find out tha the Harbor was open this morning.
Here it is how it went down:

I wake up at 6:20 am and listened to the wind going like wwwwwooooo outside my window, therefore, I went back to sleep for another 30 min…. at 7:20 I called the Harbor Master to find out whas the status was  and they told me that the harbor was officially close for the morning…with a good chance to be open around 10:30 or 11:00…so…I take all my sweet time and decide to go back to bed for another 10 min. good thing was that I also decided that it could be a good idea to call the guy at the air station to let him know that I will pick up my tanks later in the morning once the harbor was open… so… I called him and told him that, his answer was:

air guy: “dude…the harbor is open”
Alex: no….its not

air guy: yes it is…

Alex: ??????????????

so… I hang off the phone, called the Harbor Master again, a diferent guy picks the phone this time and said to me: yes…the harbor is open…

Well… as you can imaging that trigger a minipanick attack on me!!! but as I like to say: Its ok to feel that you are going to panick….just dont do it.

Lets say tha the next 40 minutes  of my life were at the very best a caos…but…we managed to be on time ( almost ) and take our divers out.

Ocean was a little bit wavy have to say…but later on the day it was very nice, sure, the wind is still blowing and its fresh but nothing deathly.

Our first dive was San Francisco wall… a nice dive…to be honest it was not an awesome dive but we were lucky to see a turtle the size of a dinner table… after the dive we warmed up for a while at Costa del Sol’s pier and I had enought time to give an introduction to Enriched Air to Marie-Eve and Jordan….oh…by the way… I was right, Mark is an Instructor….any way. After the class, 2 bananas and 2 sweet mexican breads, we were ready for the second dive, that one was at the Ship Wreck Felipe Xicotencatl….for those with minimun foreign lenguajes skills: The C-53

What a great dive!! we went down using Nitrox 36 to have a good 50 minutes max. bottom time at 70 ft after doing a 90 ft multilevel wall dive…in other words…we were down for a while…
yeah…. so… what I like about this dive and it never gets old is that its a place where my imagination goes wild… there is something spooky and misterious about going inside the ship ( no ligths of course ) and looking to all that metal twisted and getting rusted or cover up by sponges and coral….its like diving into a science fiction movie!!!

It was only 3 of us…plenty of room to manouver and keep and eye on my canadians divers… I like to watch how the ship is a sort of huge sample table of all the corals you can find on the reefs…the brigt red of the sponges that cover the outside walls, the funky shapes and colors of the ones that grow in the inside…glassysweapers on the dark rooms and silver side schools swiming in and out of the boat..

I like to stick my head off a hole on the deck to find myself in the midle of hundreds of silver fishes that go here and there in perfect sincrony… and to think that several years ago that boat was out in the ocean doing….what boats do!! right?? and now… is here playing the roll of a fish condominium….awesome!!!

After 30 min at the ship wreck we went down current and cross to Chankanab reef, once again…we follow Jordan that by now is a Compas Master!!! and as we were swiming away and crossing the sand areas we saw sooooooo many Garden eels that we were missing fingers to keep count!! when I see those eels…I dont know.. I wonder that they muts have a pretty boring life you know… they live on their holes… with I will guess more that 50% of their bodies inside and the rest out and doing this cobra movements….kind of just chilling and checking out whats going on you know… I mean… the only thing we are missing here is a 50 cents song and the picture will be complete and perfect!!

Yeah…it must be boring to be a eel.

So… today the word has a new Advanced Open Water diver…congratulations Jordan!!

Im happy to see how my divers keep learning and growing and getting more and more confident and independent underwater…as much as I like to see the new ones discovering all the colors, textures and all those funnny things that takes place underwater….like today at San Francisco when we saw an angle fish trying to eat bubbles!!

My canadians friends will finish tomorrow but I have all ready this Alabama family diving with Alex scuba….they are great…fun… and Jon…well…Jon Short is no short!!! thats for sure!!

Tomorrow…Palancar Gardens or Horseshoe…and more adventures for us.

Have a great day…and be safe.



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