My 2012 resolutions…

2011 is gone and we are living the first days of 2012.

As many of you, I also have made my resolutions list for 2012, some of them are the classic ones such as :

losing those extra pounds on my belly, eat healthy, don’t be late paying my taxes, stop my subscription to the playboy tv channel, etc, etc.

However…my list goes beyond that and has a special section advocated exclusively to diving and I decided to share it with you guys…here we go…

1. I will not make false promises to my divers when they come and ask me ” it’s for sure that we will see turtles, sharks, dolphins and a moose on the next dive? ” and I reply with a big smile and nod  my head : “of course!!! this is the place where we always see those ones!!! ”

2. I promise not to fix the air pressure gauges of my rental gear  in order to show that the tanks are full when in reality they only have 2000 psi of pressure.

3. I will not point to a squirlfish underwater and tell my divers later on that it was a  Cozumel splendid toadfish (only because they have 3 days asking me to find one for them and I was unable to see any )

4. I will not tell my divers that the shipwreck was sunk in the 2000 while it was in commission transporting the CHUPA CABRAS and after he escape from his cage he found his way out by taking a huge chunk off the hull of the boat.

5. I MAY cut my hair very, very, very short. I came to the conclusion that it’s not a good thing when a brand new diver that was shooting pictures, in the best paparazzi quick trigger style, comes and ask me what kind of sea anemone is the one on the display and I look at it and turns out to be a shoot of the back of my head.

6. I will not eat more that the 30%  of the guacamole that Martin ( my deck hand ) prepare in between the dives before I handle it to the divers and/or keep doing double dipping.

7. I promise not to take my divers inside any swim trough without being sure that there is in fact an exit on the other end.

8. I promise not to criticize in a negative way to other Divemasters that need more that 4 pounds of weight to dive while wearing a short 3 mm suit only.

9. I promise to buy a new bcd ( the cheap piece of crap that I have now ONLY lasted 3000 dives…I’m almost sure it’s made in China )

and finally:::

10. I promise to come with a way to improve the service that ALEXSCUBA delivers to all of you…besides our standard 60 minutes bottom time dives, fruits or snacks during the surface interval, great service of my deck crew, good shape rental gear, personal attention to each one of our divers, professional but easy-going dive instruction and of course the sincere desire of help you to have the best dives possible.

I wish you the best of the best not only for the 2012 but for all your life…stick to your resolutions (or at least try!!) and come and dive with us soon.

Be safe: Alexscuba

p.s. Any resemblance with real life diving experience with us is purely coincidence…with the exception of resolution number 10 of course.

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