My First Online Dive Log

I’m not a very technical person and I don’t even keep a “real” dive log.  I log my dives as numbers in a notebook as there are so many – 7,809 to be exact.  But that number will change…tomorrow!  Today I came home from another two tank dive with a students from Texas to find that Stephanie had set up a blog for me.  I had wanted to do this for a LONG time but never got around to figuring it out.  So if you like the blog you have Stephanie (and her brother Tim) to thank!  “We” will try to keep it updated each week with diving news and information from Cozumel.

Inside The C-53Today – 06/15/08 – my students and I dove Santa Rosa (80 feet) and Tunich (35 feet).  We saw turtles and plenty of barracuda.  Visibility was great and current moderate.  Dive times were nice – 44 minutes and 50 minutes respectively.  Enough time spent underwater that we were all starving by the time we surfaced.  Time to eat.  Until next time…Alex

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