advanced open water diver

Advanced Open water diver

In this course you learn the techniques for Deep Dives and Underwater Navigation. In addition you will choose another 3 Adventure Dives that fit your particular interests. 5 total ocean boat dives and you will be one more step forward on your Diving Education. 2 to 3 days of training.

Price $385 usd

All SCUBA gear, Manual and Underwater Slates, Log book and Certification Fee are included.Once you complete your course, all dive gear will be free of charge for any subsequent dives !!!



Adventure Diver

Ok. You have your Open Water Diver card, have done some dives and you are ready to learn more, to improve yourself, explore new places and apply advanced techniques. Take 3 Adventure Dives in 1 or 2 days with one of our Instructors and earn this new certification level but most at all, feel that you take more control of your own dives.

Price $295 usd

All SCUBA gear, Log book and Certification Fee are included.



Adventure Dives

You can begin to build up your level of training, skills and techniques. Pick up an Adventure Dive in the area that looks most inviting to you. All the Adventure Dives will count towards further training either for your Adventure, Advanced Open Water or Specialty Courses!!!

80 usd per Adventure Dive

10 usd extra will apply for Enriched Air and Night Dive Adventure Dives

All SCUBA gear and Log book are included.