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Another week of great diving came to the end.
My friends from Colorado had to go back home but we had some great dives and meet new friends. Me? I’m staying here…resting a little, doing paper work and doing all the running around to keep Oceano 4 ready for some more trips.
Last week we meet 2 great New Orleans girls that came with high expectations about diving in Cozumel and alexscuba,  unfortunatly they only came in a quick trip and went diving just 2 days…but… I will dare to say that we all had some awesome dives!!!
Erin and Amaris did very well on their first dive…handle a good 45 minutes dive at Palancar Caves, we did of course some coral tunnels and catch a good view of the drop off… I could hear Amaris going like “woooow !!!! ” on her regulator when we came out of a swimtrougth and end up on the deep blue!!
Along came Charlenne, Jim, Ed and June all from Colorado, great divers that to tell the true, made my dive stress free…that way I was able to focus on Erin and Amaris, since this was the first time we dive together, after one hour we went to the surface and just relax and warm up. Next stop was Tunich…there we had a real drift dive and as some of you know: its just awesome to fly underwater and let the fish and reef pass by.
Next day it was a very small group: Charlenne and Jim, Erin and Amaris and me.
We did Dalila and Yucab, Jim was taking photos of all of us on the first dive, also pictures of some turtles, stingrays and a nurse shark, we are still waiting for those pics to be posted in Facebook by the way!!
At the second dive we have the kodac moment of the week: a long green eel, free swiming along the reef and over the sand at Yucab and then… a nurse shark… just sitting there, playing to be cool you know…and the eel swiming and sort of fooling around with the shark!!! It was one of those scenes that you only see at the Discovery Channel!! and of course: nobody had a camera around!!
But as I like to say: the best pictures are in our heads.
Current in that last dive was nice and mellow, even that towards the end it switched back south…and… the New Orleans girls joined the “1 hour bottom time divers club” !!! woot woottt!!

I know they enjoy their time here and will be back, just as Charlenne and Jim have done for years…because Cozumel is a great dive spot and keep this warm feeling that make divers feel like they are at home.
Erin and Amaris: thanks for dive with us…
Charlenne: Thanks for the 6 packages of prime chocolate for my b-day… they are way gone by the way…
Jim: Thanks bro… great talking, great dinners and I learned from you some good stuff…

Time to get ready for some more diving here!!
Talk to all of you soon.


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