Two amazing new divers.

One of the best parts of my job is to have new divers coming out of the water after their first dive… the big smiles, the tales about those huge fish they just saw, the adrenaline to breath underwater…the trill of the adventure.
I am sure all of you remember that very first dive….rigth?
This month I had the great opportunity to have 2 amazing new divers….not only they went diving for the first time in the ocean and allow me to participate on that part of their life but also….they proved me one more time that there is nothing more powerful that the human will.
For very different reasons and circumstances those 2 divers have a handicap…one of them lost his leg in a terrible accident as an adult all ready…the other one is blind and with some motor issues since she was born…but the two of them have more courage and will that many, many other people.
I truly believe that we are capable of incredible and amazing things but also…I know that we are the ones that set up many of the obstacles on our way that make impossible to achieve our goals.
I wish that I could show to all that people who say: ” I can’t” or “is too hard” what I saw this month.
I saw a super positive attitude… I saw the joy of being alive…I saw the wiliness to try new things…I saw how determination conquered adversity…I saw a big smile at the end of the dives.
Diving is an attitude and a life style… diving is about friendship and knowing that somebody else is there to cover your back…diving is about helping others to become better divers, yes….but also better persons…diving is about the triumph of the human will over the difficulties to explore the underwater world.
I wish we all could have the force and the determination that my 2 new divers have…and use it not only for diving but for every aspect of our life.
I know I will se them back here again…and I will be honor to dive with them one more time.
Thanks for diving with alexscuba….you came to show me another face of The True Spirit of Diving.


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