Warm up dive…

December is here and of course all the smart people from “Up North” are running away from the cold, nothing to blame, and Canadians, people from Minnesota, Chicago, NY are basking on the sun…sure…the wind is a little fresh but nothing compare with the blizards back home.
Two of those winter birds are back to dive with Alex scuba, all the way from Quebec and after a little more that 2 years Marie-Eve and Jordan are here… last time I saw them Jordan took his Open Water Course with me and many dives had pass under his fins since then, Spain, Cuba and some spots in Canada are part of their dive history now, still, they consider Cozumel one of the best.
Jordan had decided that its about time to catch up with Marie-Eve and he is ready to complete his Advanced Open Water course….so… today we went to Dalila for a warm up dive and San Francisco Wall for the Underwater Navigation dive. We were a small group , as usual, besides the two of them we had Maury and Zach ( father and son that came for a day diving in a cruiship, of course I pointed to all the beauty of staying here for a week  vs a cruiship ) and Mark, a great diver with great skills…. he showed me his Nitrox Certification card as prove that he is a diver and I suspect that he may be a Divemaster or Instructor that just wants to dive and keep a low profile while here…for sure I will unvail the mistery tomorrow…

Any way… yeah… warm up dive…Dalila, an easy 40 to 60 ft dive with a nice current and great visibility today, a long reef that easily allow us to be down the for a lot of time. I chose this dive because I know that its almost warranty to encounter some cool creatures, but today was like… the whole repertory!!!
I know that you guys have more important things to do that reading about diving, for instance…clear your driveway off snow…or…watching the reruns of friends because honestly you dont feel like getting out of home, so… I will keep it simple and just give you the list of what we saw:

3 nurse shark
3 turtles
1 hugeeeee eagle ray
3 stingrays
2 good size groupers
0 divers from any other dive shop

well…. no bad for a warm up dive right?? in fact, how do you beat that dive?? I mean… is like having a poker hand with a Five of a Kind and hope that the next hand will be better!!!

On the second dive we split the group, Julian took Maury, Zach and Mark and I took Jordan and Marie-Eve for the Underwater Navigation dive, good job on that one Jordan!! its not an easy task to handle the compass and try to keep a straight course with the current we have here!!!
Tomorrow: Deep Dive and Search and Recovery, after that we only need to do Enriched Air and still on the air are Night dive , Wreck or Multilevel diving.

Ok.. i let you go now, I hope each one of you will have a wonderfull x-mas …in Mexico we celebrate and have the dinner the 24th kind of late…around 10:00 or 11:00 pm…of course we drink before, during and after the dinner and that may explain why no body had ever see Santa Claus coming down to deliver the presents…hmmm…so…yes! You have a great X-mas and be smart and treath yourselfs with an airplane ticket to Mexico for the 2011 and I will be happy to take you in a warm up dive.

Feliz Navidad!!!



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